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Telephone and Skype Counselling, Psychotherapy and Coaching

I’m happy to offer this alternative to the more traditional one to one therapy services. Over the years I have offered telephone appointments to many long term clients who are moving to a distant location; and I will frequently suggest this form of remote consultation to other therapists who approach me requesting supervision of their work. I used to say I preferred to have at least one face-to-face introductory meeting; but following a recent period of doing sessional work for a telephone counselling agency, I have satisfied myself that it IS possible to do good work in this way – even without that initial face to face meeting. Skype video conferencing does add the possibility, of course, of face to face communication. Even with that possibility, however, some clients prefer voice only – telephone or skype. A few people prefer email consultation?

All forms of tele-consultation, or working at a distance are fully supported with links to downloadable practice sound-files and worksheets to optimise the possibilities for progress between meetings.

For both me and you there are advantages of convenience; working from our own homes, probably with more flexibility about appointment times. There are different aspects to privacy to consider: telephone & Skype are generally thought to be relatively secure forms of private communication (unless you think you may have attracted deliberate surveillance in which case we might need an initial -secure- email dialogue). Some people may also prefer not being exposed to the possibility of being noticed making regular visits to a therapy centre. On the other hand, if your problem is related to social avoidance, then at some point it may be most advantageous to therapy breakthrough to visit a centre in person. A previous series of telephone consultations may greatly assist with this.

It’s easier, somehow, to adjust the traditional therapy hour; sometimes a 30 min consultation may be all we need, all we can fit in to the day, all we can afford? Other-times we may both be able to extend beyond the notional hour without disrupting other plans.

You can contact me via skype from the button below, though we will need to have agreed an appointment time beforehand to ensure that I’m online and expecting your call.

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