Self-acceptance as a new year’s resolution?

I’ve been intending to post this Tara Brach quote for some time …and then came across the following quote from Sosan Ganchi Zenji. Together they make a powerful combination message and suggest, perhaps, the possibility – at this time of resolution making – of resolving in a direction of self-acceptance rather than self-“improvement”?

“We don’t have to wait until we are on our deathbed to realize what a waste of our precious lives it is to carry the belief that something is wrong with us. Yet because our habits of feeling insufficient are so strong, awakening from the trance of unworthiness involves not only inner resolve, but also an active training of the heart and mind. Through…awareness practices, we free ourselves from the suffering of trance by learning to recognize what is true in the present moment, and by embracing whatever we see with an open heart. This cultivation of mindfulness and compassion is what I call Radical Acceptance…[It] is the willngness to experience ourselves and our life as it is. A moment of Radical Acceptance is a moment of genuine freedom.”

Tara Brach

“One in All
All in One—
If only this is realized,
No more worry about your not being perfect!”

– Sosan Ganchi Zenji, “Shin Jin Mei”

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