Savouring memories of the day retreat @ Otley Hall

I am still savouring memories of the day retreat; prompted from time to time by exchanges of e-mail.

It was a relatively small group, few people have met previously, yet by the end of the day there is a real sense of parting from a deep connection. An number of people commented in the debriefing session after we broke noble silence about the power of sitting with each other in our group. I think we ” pick up” on the shared field intention; added to this is the deepening effect of being in continuous silent practice for an unusually extended period. It is from the novelty of this shared experience that we all emerge feeling perhaps that we have been on a journey together. I am reminded of the “mind and body workout group” which I ran for many years in Brixton prison. It was remarkable how calming and bonding a long period of mindful movement exercises could be for a disparate group of potentially hostile desperados. I’m also reminded of times when I have sung in a choir; again, there’s not much talking in the group – we don’t get to hear much of each other’s story! But when the final concert’s done and we’re taking a break for awhile – it feels like saying goodbye to the group of people we began to know very well. Again it’s the shared intention, the concerted effort – and hopefully a repeated and rehearsed harmony.

Otley Hall added its own grace and charm, seasoned with the science and sounds of Spring. I hope you can join us on the next one – monday, June 9

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