Towards an Integration of Counselling,Clienting and Meditation

Appendix 4.0  Glossary

anattaBuddhist doctrine of ‘no-self’or interdependency
aniccaBuddhist axiom that allexistent things are subject to change
Absorptionused interchangeably withConcentrative meditation - as distinct from Insight or Awareness meditation 
Arahat Model of perfected personalityi Buddhist Psychology
AtmanAbsolute Mind or Spirit- from Hinduism, used by Wilber. 
Awareness meditationused interchangeably withInsight meditation - as distinct from Concentrative or Absorption meditation 
Balance of attentionSufficently in touch with(past) distress yet sufficientlyof aware the (current) safety of the counsellingenviron.
Chi-KungChinese body-energy work
Chronic PatternA defense behaviour patternwhich is so constantly in operation as to be a component part of the personality. 
Concentrativemeditationused interchangeably withabsorption meditation - as distinct from Awareness or Insight meditation. 
Contract agreement made at theoutset of a co-counselling session concerning the extent to which the co-counsellingpartner will intervene in the client’s session. (Free attention, Normaland Intensive)
Direction holdingStatements repeated overand again to keep clients attentionupon a useful (usually) positive trackin session
DischargeCo-counselling term forintentional, witnessed, emotional catharsis.
DukkaUnsatisfactoriness orsuffering as inevitabile human experience
DzogchenQuintessential non-dualisticbuddhist teaching from Tibet.
Enlightenment Intensive(E.I.)Dyad work - paired meditationand verbal interaction on the question "Who am I?"
E.S.T.Erhart Sensitivity Trainingnamed after founder, Werner Erhard
FundamentalsName given to the 40 hrbasic co-counselling training
FWBOFriends of the WesternBuddhist Order - an established English Buddhist community with monks &lay members
Free Attention (contract)That attention which isneither distracted by the environment nor sunk into internal preoccupationand is therefore available to the client. One of the 3 contracts - thisone is non-verbal.
Holotropic BreathingCreated by Stanislav Grovfor altered states of consciousness work as an alternative to use of psychedelics.
HugName of quarterly journalof London CCI.
Insight meditationused interchangeably withawareness meditation - as distinctfrom Concentrative or Absorption meditation. 
Intensive(contract)Counsellor attempts toreflect back every cue given by client. Counsellor may speak quitea lot. Tends to be requested when client expects to be working with a chronicpattern.
MahavipassanaA form of awareness orinsight meditation
Marks of beinganicca-impermanence,dukkha - unsatisfactoriness, and anatta - identitylessness. the three characteristicsof all things which come into existence. 
Metta bhavanaA concentration techniquefrom the Buddhist tradition in which the meditator focusses on generatingand transmitting feelings of loving kindness for all. 
NamasteTraditional (Hindu) greetingwith hands joined at heart, eye contact and brief bow - "I bow to the divinitywithin you"
New-age travellerMedia coined name givento motor and horse drawn vehicle dwellers who live in travelling communities.Refugees from town and city rather travellers by family tradition.
Normal(contract)medium level of counsellorintervention: some cuesreflected back to client, but plenty of space forclient to self-direct. Counsellor is moderately verbal.
Passages campsPersonal growth, wholisticeducational summer camps.
Positive directionsStatements of intent abouthow to be with future circumstances now that the grip of the pattern hasbeen loosened.
ptf1Relating to Wilbers Pre/transfallacy, an error which mistakes a transpersonal experience for a prepersonalexperience.
ptf2Relating to Wilbers Pre/transfallacy, an error which mistakes a prepersonal experience for a transpersonalexperience .
QaballahHebrew esoteric tradition
RestimulationThe process by which apattern is triggered by current circumstances which bear sufficient similarityto those present at the time the pattern was created. 
Re-evaluationA ‘post-discharge’ processwhereby reactive behaviours can be looked upon in a new light and subsequentlyadjusted and/or replaced. 
Re-evaluation Co-counsellingThe original co-counsellingcommunity; took it’s name from the above process
roundIn co-counselling culture,a turn-taking, clockwise or anticlockwise individual report-back or check-inwith full group attention.
Satipattana A form of awareness orinsight meditation
sanghaTraditionally the phraseused to describe the learning community of Buddhist monks it can includeall those who undertake spiritual practice with a community reference.
sharing circlesimilar to a round butno ordering, - speaking when moved to do so.
Theravadanadjective given to describethe ‘first wave’ of Buddhist teaching before the expansion to the far east.Literally, ‘the teachings of the elders’
T.M.Transcendental Meditation- popularised/commercialised by Maharishi.
TransmutationChanging the energy ofemotion into another form of energy through conscious intention (lead togold alchemy metaphor)
VipassanaA form of awareness orinsight meditation
WiccaWitchcraft - pagan mysteries,earth magic

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by Martin Wilks