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Towards an Integration of Counselling,Clienting and Meditation

A Co-operative Inquiry


Supervisor: Rachel TribeM.Sc. Counselling Psychology(1997/98)
University of East LondonDate of submission: 28/5/98

words = 15,334


A co-operative inquiry group was recruited fromamongst members of the co-counselling community who were also practisingmeditators. The central proposition: "Insight Meditation and Co-counsellingcan be usefully combined in a single reciprocal session" was rigorouslyexamined during the course of 3 meetings comprising 36 hours of experientialgroup process, complemented by 5 months - between meetings - of focussed,individual research practice at home. Repeated cycles of action and groupreflection found general support for this and related propositions. Resultsand recommendations for future research were presented in the form of a'Manual for Practice' pamphlet.

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