Towards an Integration of Counselling,Clienting and Meditation


This web version only contains a limited numberof appendices.  Those that are available appear as clickable linksbelow.

1) Articles, leaflet, handouts &Co-med pamphlet
1.1 Sample leaflet - Co-counselling (Nichol& Wilks 1991)

1.2. On Science, Mysticism and the New Paradigm(Wilks 1997Hug New year )

1.3 Meditation and Co-counselling - differentpaths, same goal - or what?’ (WilksHug Winter 1992)

1.4Preliminary thoughts document (Wilks 1997)

1.5Agenda - initial ‘contracting-in’ meeting

1.6Pamphlet: The Co-Med contract

2) General Correspondence
2.1 Initial letter to accompany blankquestionnaire.

2.2 Letters pertaining to first meeting.

2.3 Letters accompanying returned reports.

2.4Layperson’s Guide to Co-operative inquiry (Heron & Reason, 1996)  [external link]

3) Reports
3.0 Completed questionnaires.

3.1Reports: Day One - Contracting In

3.2Reports: Inquiry Weekend

3.3Reports: Final Meeting


Updated 16 June 99
by Martin Wilks