Towards an Integration of Counselling,Clienting and Meditation

Appedix1.5  Agenda - initial ‘contracting-in’ meeting
* Welcome, icebreaker & introductions

* Pairs/threes mini seshion - what's ontop, what interests me about the inquiry?

* Martin - preliminary thoughts (Handout)

 * what's expected of people who join? * all involved as both researchers and subjects

* movement between experience and reflection -going through several cycles

* importance of shared power and responsibility

* emotional involvement - willing to work withencounter and possible conflict.

* importance of aiming for practical, personallyrelevant,skill based outcome from the inquiry.

* Small group - what do you make of it sofar?
 * each group report back to whole group briefly

* Practicalities

* how much time, money & commitment?

* who wants to be involved?

* people who couldn't make it today, can theystill be involved?

* will people take different roles?

 * what might they be?

* how will we negotiate this?

* shall we do it?

* Questionnaires * shall we make them available to each other?

* how?

* Compiled Q * were any of your important ideas left out ?

* How to add the above and who does it?

* how to incorporate late Q's? - who does it?

* can we identify an initial proposition fromthe compiled Q? and is there a here & now activity which can put thisproposition to the test?

* Test initial proposition

* Reflect upon outcome

* Design an 'at home' personal research activityfor further exploration

* How to observe, record, measure and otherwisegather this experience for sharing and further reflection?

* Summary of all the decisions made

 * who does this?

* who else needs to know?

* Closing

* resentments

* appreciations

* contracting in or bowing out

* Dinner in the Caff?

Updated 16 June 99
by Martin Wilks