Towards an Integration of Counselling,Clienting and Meditation

5.0 Conclusions

The results of the inquiry offer implicit supportfor the central proposition of the inquiry that: "Meditation and co-counsellingcan be usefully combined in a single reciprocal (turn taking) session."In offering his own explicit support to the proposal the author refersto a feedback report for corroboration. (App3.3.Jilly.p1) It is importantto add the ‘Insight’ clarification to describe the kind of meditation theco-researchers were all using, and removing ‘turn taking’ allows room fora further exploration of the most dynamic integrative form. The statement:"Insight Meditation and co-counselling can be usefully combined in a singlereciprocal paired session" gives greatest clarity.

Such a statement begs the further question: ‘Usefulin what way?’ Given that the inquiry group chose to present the resultsas an explication of method, the statement stands as an invitation to othersto generate new experiential meaning rather than as a new chunk of propositionalknowledge. We are exploring the realm of "Know Thyself" knowledge ratherthan knowledge of this or that; or knowledge - even - of ‘my’ physiologyor ‘your’ defence pattern. We are describing a method to facilitate a (wholistic)expansive knowingness rather than a reductive knowingness.

To the co-counselling communities, we are recommendingthe adoption of a new contract - the Co-med contract. The co-medcontract, as an additional resource to consider at the begining of a session(alongside the usual contracts: ‘free attention’ ‘normal’and ‘intensive’) offers a new choice for the self-directingco-counsellor to consider: As well as working with the contents of awareness- she could also work with awareness itself - (or that which isawareness itself, or, for that matter, that whichdirects ) and shecan negotiate with her co-counselling partner a suitable way to do thiswork. The pamphlet is offered as a collation of carefully researchedsuggestionsfor Co-Med design.

Updated 16 June 99
by Martin Wilks