Towards an Integration of Counselling,Clienting and Meditation

1.0 Literature Review

The literature review, particularly the first2 sections, may contain terms which are not in common academic usage. Acomprehensive, cross-referenced glossary is provided in the Appendix 4.

Definitions of unfamiliar phrases are offeredwithin the text. Where the word or phrase appears in Bold, this indicatesthat that it appears in the Glossary. If the reader re-encounters the unfamiliarterm later in the text, it may be more convenient to check the glossaryrather than try to relocate the original definition.

1.1 Co-counselling

1.2 Meditation

1.3 East/WestPsychology

1.4 IntegratingMeditation with Psychotherapy

1.5The Transpersonal Perspective

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by Martin Wilks