Flexible Psychological Solutions, LLP

Bringing mindfulness to stuck-ness; easing psychological inflexibility & promoting wellbeing, resilience and behaviour change in the direction of your valued intentions


We are a Limited Liability Company comprising:

Martin Wilks; Executive director and clinical lead

Mary Foord-Brown, PA, forum manager and marketing

The name “Flexible Psychological solutions” alludes in part to the quotes on our homepage:

“I don’t, however, narrowly categorise individuals’ needs according to diagnoses because I work with people, not diagnoses; I believe that a successful outcome is best achieved through tailoring differing psychological techniques & practices according to clients’ individual needs.

“At the core of most emotional and psychological problems lies a pattern of psychological inflexibility. Leading to a narrowing of behavioural repertoires in certain trigger situations; such patterns are often based upon early personal history. I offer techniques and ways of being which enhance psychological flexibility thus enabling a client to respond  with new behaviours (rather than to react according to the usual inflexible pattern)  which move them in meaningful and valued directions.”

I take inspiration from the international learning community known as the Association of Contextual & Behavioural Science, ACBS, (of which I am a founder member) which puts Psychological Flexibility at the very centre of mental health and well-being.

” the goal (of acceptance & commitment therapy, ACT) is to increase psychological flexibility: the ability to be in contact with the present moment and the psychological reactions it produces, as a fully conscious human being and – based upon what the situation affords – to persist with, or to change, behaviour for valued ends”

And, speaking with further pragmatism, we intend to deliver these outcomes in the most varied and flexible ways we can – hence counselling, psychotherapy, group training, mediation, day retreats, supervision, mentoring, individuals, couples, face-to-face, skype, facetime, email, telephone.

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