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Assessment fees: I charge £80, my regular fee, for an initial assessment meeting. I think of it as a mutual assessment, each of each other, and to check out if it feels right to work together. It’s also the time for me to assess whether I genuinely think I can offer the right sort of assistance for the challenge you are seeking to address.

You may choose to take up my free 15min telephone app, to sound me out beforehand?

Ongoing sessional fee: Thereafter, if we decide to work together, my fee is £80 per meeting for self-funding clients. I am an approved and registered service provider for most health insurance companies and in these cases fees are often set by the company’s expectations of the going rate for a psychologist’s consultation. I ask you not to quote the rates I offer to self-funding clients if you are intending to seek health insurance or other institutional assistance because – in many cases – that may result in insurance companies offering me ‘below market’ rates; this in turn would undermine my ongoing ability/willingness to be flexible with my fees.
Many insurance companies will charge you an annual Excess fee – they expect me to collect it and will deduct it from reimbursing my fees if I fail to do so! I will ask you clarify what is that excess fee and to settle up with me over the first two weeks.

Sliding scale fees: Self-funding people who – in circumstances of financial hardship – cannot afford my full fee can engage with my sliding scale. We can have a more detailed dialogue about this and many other matters at the assessment meeting.

However if you’re someone who, from personal principle rather than from hardship, will always tend to bargain down for the cheapest deal, then please first consider the information on “Self & Peer Help”

Cancellation fees policy:  I have a limited number of working slots available per week; when you agree to an appointment time your time slot ceases to be available to anyone else. It’s an agreement of trust between us that we’ll both turn up to meet each other. It’s a ‘human given’ that we cannot anticipate every eventuality and either of us may experience unforeseen circumstances which mean we may have to miss, cancel or request adjustment of our meeting time. I undertake to offer the maximum possible notice and to offer an alternative meeting time during the same week if that can be done. I request that you likewise give maximum possible notice in order to free up the slot for me to able to offer it to others.

48 hours gives me a reasonable chance of re-using the time slot and if you can contact me with more than 48 hrs to spare I will make no charge; between 48-24 hours notice I will “share the liability” of the lost working hour and charge you half fee. With less than 24 hour notice – and little likelihood of being able to use that working hour – I will charge the full fee. In both cases I will make no charge if I DO manage to fill the appointment slot, and in both cases I will do my best to offer an alternative point of contact in the same week. (this would include the possibility of telephone/email)

When and How to Pay: Most clients pay me in person directly after our meeting. Paypal, below, is a flexible alternative. Credit/Debit card payments cannot always be reliably made when I am working in areas of limited mobile reception. You can also make an arrangement with me to pay by bank transfer – I will usually invoice you by email to enable this.

Some work I offer on a donation basis – you can offer a donation from the link below

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