“Drop-in” Mindfulness practice sessions

Clean water is a goal for many Americans.On the first Wednesday come join us at the “drop-in” mindfulness practice refresher”.



Woodbridge/Melton:  7 – 8.30 pm

Runs from The Oval Office: Retreat & Reorientation Centre on the First Wednesday of the month.  

The garden venue is home to “Flexible Psychological solutions”



Meetings start at 7 pm and will have the simple formula of:

  • some brief, initial, introductory dialogue
  • a period of mindfulness practice
  • followed by an opportunity to debrief about the practice
  • then more generally about challenges to mindfulness practice in daily life.

We usually finish around 8.30

The group has previously run continuously for 5 years and people found it supportive: both personally at times of challenge and also generally as a supportive forum for encouraging the maintenance of practice.

Last time I offered the group on a ‘donations’ basis – following some initial confusion with this I suggested a £5 donation. I’m now suggesting that at your first meeting (or prior to that via paypal see below) you make a £20 donation towards 4 sessions to be attended within 6months. In this way we develop a core of regular attendees.

I may not always be able to make the first Wednesday (Woodbridge), or third Thursday (Ipswich) every month; when I do have a clash of commitments I will give good advance notice and make an alternative arrangement for either the previous or the next Wednesday.

Hoping to see you there?


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