Coaching & Mentoring

As a Coaching Psychologist I can offer brief and targeted intervention which is a collaboration aimed at ‘moving on’ in life – either towards a specific goal, or more broadly focussed to optimise ongoing personal development. Based on trust and mutual respect, coaching – compared to psychotherapy – is less concerned with seeking understanding from the past. It’s more about bringing an intended future into being by taking goal-oriented actions NOW.

Working as a MENTOR, I am specifically interested in collaborating with people who are keen to cultivate a more mindful way of being in the world.

My understanding, training and experience with both ACT and the Integral Model ensure that the work is in accord with the coachees values and that personal development is considered ‘across the board’

Typically, coaching consultations can take place over the telephone (or Skype).

I am a founding member of the British Psychological Society’s Special Group in Coaching Psychology, and a member of a professional development coaching network – follow the linked logo below for an explanation of coaching as a psychologically informed professional practice.

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