Complements of the season!

Complements of the season! No, it’s not a spelling mistake; just play on words. Complementary means “that which goes with” or “interrelated”. It kind of “goes with” the human experience – across the broadest range of cultures – to stop, to take a break from the business as usual mode and to acknowledge the shortest […]

Next Drop-in mindfulness practice meeting – Wed, 5’th Oct

Next 8 week mindfulness course, suffolk coastal

See: for all practical details and booking

A ‘strategic’ retreat

A ‘strategic’ retreat We were blessed with excellent weather over the first weekend of May. I was particularly satisfied – having selected that weekend for a 3 day Mindfulness retreat in nature. The “venue” was 14 acres of woodland just south of Cambridge. It was a collaboration for me  – with two other mindfulness teachers contributing […]

The November day retreat 2015

The November retreat of this year was November 14 and it was during the evening before before that we started hearing news of the attacks in Paris. I had arranged to pick up Barry on the way to the beautiful Otley Hall where I’ve been holding 3 day retreats per year for the last 3 […]

Mindfullness Members

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First Wednesday of the month – it’s mindfulness drop-in group

Yes, it’s upon us again – this coming Wednesday! Meeting, 7pm at the Windmill Natural Health Centre  We were close to capacity in our cosy little meditation room and have decided this time to bring meditation cushions so that we can evict the chairs – though a few will be fine for any who need […]

Celebrating our ‘full moon’ mindfulness drop-in practice

Heartening to be with our best yet turnout for the Mindfulness drop-in on Wednesday which – conveniently this month – happened to fall upon a full moon eve.  This was the first time I’d publicised on the MEETUP platform – with the strapline:   “Like minds liking mindfulness”  And it was exciting to discover that […]

Self-acceptance as a new year’s resolution?

I’ve been intending to post this Tara Brach quote for some time …and then came across the following quote from Sosan Ganchi Zenji. Together they make a powerful combination message and suggest, perhaps, the possibility – at this time of resolution making – of resolving in a direction of self-acceptance rather than self-“improvement”? “We don’t […]

Day retreat for Mindfulness practitioners:

Saturday, March 14’th, 2015 Book now if you’re thinking to join us – great way to get centred & re-charged. Otley Hall, Suffolk – all details including booking page from here: